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RiskForecast™ is a graph network framework that enables investment managers to identify and address operational factors that measurably improve (or impair) the performance of their strategies and the associated portfolios. Pre-emptive resolution of portfolio implementation shortfalls can help preserve anywhere from 24-242 basis points of a strategy's inherent alpha.

I O T A™

I O T A™ (Investment Operations Transaction Analysis) is an optimization framework that enables investment managers to measure Data Operability Thresholds.  DOT quantifies information parity (i.e, the ability of systems (and people) to simultaneously deliver and act on information in a timely manner) which is the key operational factor that drives portfolio implementation shortfalls.



ContextStreams™ is a data management framework that enables portfolio managers to address the usability constraints in the variety of data sources they rely on.  Both syntax (ie, formats) and semantics (ie, meanings) are managed in order to better distill the essential information that will enable investment managers to develop insights for use in their strategies.


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